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Cotton Candy Starter Kit at Restaurant Supply Center

Buy Cotton Candy Starter Kit here, one of many top quality Cotton Candy Machines at Restaurant Supply Center. We greatly appreciate your patronage at Restaurant Supply Center and look forward to offering you great products and prices in the future.

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Cotton Candy Starter Kit by Cotton Candy Machines
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Cotton Candy Starter Kit
Available from Global Industrial
Price For: WBB546681
on 10-27-2018

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Product Specifications

    • BRAND - Benchmark USA
    • DESCRIPTION - Cotton Candy Starter Kit
    • WIDTH INCHES - 8
    • DEPTH INCHES - 8
    • HEIGHT INCHES - 24
    • INCLUDES - 3 Various Flavors Of Sugar Floss, 200 Paper Cotton Candy Cones

Cotton Candy Starter Kit

This convenient Cotton Candy Starter Kit has everything you will need to make 200 cotton candy cones. Included with this set are 3 various flavors of sugar floss (3.25 lb cartons) and 200 paper cotton candy cones. With this kit you will be making cotton candy in no time.

Cotton Candy Starter Kit
Available from Global Industrial
Price For: WBB546681
on 10-27-2018

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